About Us

About Our Skin-Care Products:

All the skin-care products sold on UZ Essentials belong to the brand Neutriherbs, which are manufactured by Amarrie Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Neutriherbs was founded by Leona Ho who initially sold her products as an European brand. Today Neutriherbs is approximately sold to over 50 different countries. 

Neutriherbs skincare products are exceptional due to achieving good skin-care routine without the use of harsh chemicals and irritation of the skin. Furthermore, these products are scientifically manufactured without the use of unnecessary added heat or petrochemicals, which achieves highly potent ingredients. 

UZ Essentials Aims:

We strive to achieve the goal of 'Natural ingredients' and 'Mild formula' ; no paraben, no paraffin and mild preservative. Our aim is to offer a wide selection of Neutriherb's products. Subsequently, we will launch several new products of Neutriherbs each month based on customers' preferences.   

1) Supports Neutriherbs mission of using scientific research to allow positive results with the use of natural ingredients. 

2) Avoids the use of unnecessary chemicals that can cause irritation.

3) We believe that everyone regardless of age and gender, deserves radiant and youthful skin.

4) Provide positive skin care results with the best affordable prices.  

Note: All the products sold on UZ Essentials are manufactured by certified companies that strictly follow the import safety regulations (according to the USA, FDA and European cosmetic standards). These products have also undertaken and passed the UK full cosmetic safety tests (Cosmetic Safety Reports and Preservation Efficacy Lab Test) located in Oxford. We ensure that each new product launched on this website is approved with full UK cosmetic safety lab tests, giving customers' confidence our products are safe and provide the best results.

Manufacturer's information:

Product Name: Neutriherbs skin care products

Manufactured by Amarrie Cosmetics Co., Ltd.